Not a Gamer?

If you’ve never played D&D, or don’t consider yourself a gamer this section is for you. When we set out to make this movie we decided on two things: make a good movie and make it for everyone, not just gamers.  We wanted a movie that could be watched by someone who’s never heard of Dungeons & Dragons.

The tale behind the making of the game is a fascinating story of loose alliances, lost friendships, corporate expansion and persecution.

Dungeons & Dragons and TSR, the company that made it, were the training ground for millions of people within some of the most influential industries of our day. We hope that by the time you see how D&D has influenced computer games and online dating to treatment for soldiers with PTSD, you will see a way that D&D has touched your life.

PS. If you play Angry Birds, guess what…you’re a gamer.

– Andrew