Okay, So Now What?


We know what you’re all thinking, “it’s been almost 3 weeks since you’ve been funded, why isn’t the movie finished?” A fair question.

You’ll be happy to know that we have scheduled our first set of interviews with a pair of bona-fide D&D historians, Paul Stormberg and Jon Peterson. Jon, as some of you may already know through one of our Kickstarter Rewards, is the author of “Playing at the World”. The book is an exhaustively researched and comprehensive work on the history of war-gaming and role-playing games. He not only traces the lineage of modern day, tabletop role-playing games to its roots in centuries-old war-gaming, but gives an incredible insight to questions a lot of avid D&D players have always had.

As one reviewer put it, “It answers questions I’d never thought of, despite playing D&D since I was 7, questions which in retrospect are puzzling. Why are Clerics called Clerics? Why do Thieves have the particular set of skills they do, and why is there Thieves’ Cant? Why Hit Dice, Hit Points, and a d20?”

This interview should be very cool.

Paul Stormberg, who some of you may know, has been in the business for many years running The Collector’s Trove. He is the one in our trailer who asks “can you say one guy, who brought the concept of sports to the world?” He is the keeper of treasures, having handled the personal collections of the grand wizards of TSR. His knowledge of the history behind the people and the company that created D&D is breath-taking. His collections should even be more fascinating. We first met him at this past year’s Gary Con where he trucked an entire sandbox…with real sand for one of the games he was running. Talk about dedication to the game.

We are in very good hands with these two masters and we can’t wait to show you pics from the interview, which we’ve tentatively scheduled for mid-November.

Thanks everyone,

– Andrew