So…. I guess we’re making a movie.

Kickstarter is aptly named. I think Andrew, James and I had a true desire to make this film before, but since kickstarter my desire has turned into a strong drive to make this film. Maybe it’s the fact that almost 3700 people believed in the project enough to back us, or maybe it’s because we now have the means to start the film, so it has become a reality. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m excited and can’t wait to get cooking!

James flew to NYC for a game of D&D and to start an intense week of hashing out the schedule for next year. We met over the last two days and got a lot done. Budget, kickstarter, crew, production, post production, graphics, story, website, DVD extras and even distribution were on the table to discuss. It’s been a long couple days. A lot has been decided, but a lot still needs to be worked on. Film is a process.

One of the most daunting tasks for me has been the interview list. It sounds easy but it isn’t. It seems to grow every time we talk, and yet we know there are only so many people that we can talk to because of time, money and space in the movie. However tempting it is to talk to everyone who played a role in this story, we know it won’t be possible. Yet it’s also exciting to talk with people and to hear their stories. Being a collector, it’s easy to look at our list of subjects and think the story won’t be complete without all of them. I wish that was possible.

I take heart in the discussions we had about the website and the DVD extras. A lot of material that I know people will want to hear will end up on there.
All that said, we have scheduled our first interview and we are looking to get about 6 interviews before the year is over. I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’ll leave it at that. More to come.

– Anthony