The Production Dungeon

One of the most surprising things about making a film is that you spend more time talking about the film than actually making it. Yesterday was a perfect example. We had three meetings that covered everything from congratulations from people we haven’t seen since Kickstarter and how to spend our money wisely to RAND Corp and possible interview subjects. I also was interviewed for a magazine in Brazil (We will post when it comes out). It was a very productive day.
Why do we spend so much time talking about these things? I think it comes down to each film is a unique thing that has it’s own problems that need to be solved. Maybe I’m obsessed, but it is very much like, yup, you guessed it, going into a dungeon.
Andrew James and myself have all done this before and we all bring special skills to the making of this film, the same for our colleagues. However none of have made THIS film before, and this film has very special needs. Just like in a dungeon, we are trying to figure out the pitfall and the needs we will have. Planning is everything. Sidney Lumet says that the film should be done by the time you get to production, meaning plan out as much as possible. I feel this is one key to make a good film.
So, as we talk to our advisers, update this blog, respond to emails and so many other conversations that will happen over the next few months, I am considering it going deeper into the production dungeon.

– Anthony