Weathering Hurricanes

The last week has been so busy with other work that Sandy has been a great way to get things done on DND. I have no reason to go outside so I’m here in Brooklyn, with some good food, some tea and Lee Morgan playing in the background working on questions for a series of WOTC interviews we hope to do.

Well, I do have a reason to go outside but it’s not a good one. Since Hurricane Gloria I’ve made it a point to go out during the storm at one point or another. So I ventured outside and took a look. the amazing thing is that I could smell the ocean, something that doesn’t happen too often here in my part of Brooklyn.  In true NYC fashion there were people walking around. As I write there are peop;e walking by my building.

Things got serious though when the building next door lost it’s skylight and it hit the ground in front of my building. thankfully I was inside. I think that will be the last time I go out today.

Thanks Sandy for keeping me productive!

– Anthony

Eric and me outside during Gloria

Eric, my D&D pal and I spent the entire day outside during Gloria. Maybe not the best idea, but it was fun!