Status Update

Lots happening these days leading up to our first post-Kickstarter shoot.  I was in NY last week, busy with the logistics of the Doc with Andrew and Anthony.  Our goal for the remainder of the year is to schedule and shoot several key interviews for the project.  First, going to sunny La Jolla, CA to interview Mr. Jon Peterson, then we’ll travel to Omaha, NE to interview Mr. Paul Stromberg.  They both have extensive knowledge with the history of Dungeons and Dragons, TSR, and the early years of Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax’s collaboration with early D&D.  Should be a cornucopia of knowledge for us to shape our Documentary.  Very exciting!

On the home front (for me) in Los Angeles, CA I had lunch yesterday with Alex Gutenmakher, our Associate Producer in charge of Post-production.  He’ll be handling all of the negotiating throughout the post-production and mastering process for the Documentary.  Saving money, and spending it wisely is the key to facilitating the progression of the picture and keeping us all on schedule.   Next week we have our friend Erika Dahl, who will be tasked with handling, and coordinating the Kickstarter Rewards fulfillment schedule.  So, for all those who have any questions concerning the status of their rewards, please go easy on her. Anthony, Andrew, and I are very appreciative to have her joining our team.  Thank You Erika!

– James