Tropes and Women

After canceling our Omaha trip because of health issues, my voice barely back from being sick and lots to talk about, I find that there is only one topic I want to share because it has really made an impression.

While doing research about Kickstarter this past summer, I found
 myself wandering around the site to see what was happening and who was 
doing what. That’s when I came across “Tropes Vs. Women”. Anita was
 recently successful in raising money to continue her YouTube series
 about women and gaming. I unfortunately found her page a couple days
 too late to contribute, but I love what she was doing.

So, why bring this up? A few days ago I found out that not only did she successfully  launch her second series, it also started a phase 
of harassment that seems to still be going.   Wargames have obviously
 been a place for men over many years, going into centuries. When TSR 
launched D&D they got complaints from some gamers that they had opened 
the door to women. So this is not only a problem with culture, it
 feels like a problem that was ingrained into RPGs long before any of
 us were even alive.

I half get it. Gaming communities, especially in 
the early 70s were like an Elks club or VFW hall. Men and women both
 need places to be themselves. But I am amazed that as the gamer
 culture has evolved, we haven’t grown out of this, it’s only become
 For a community that started with simple games around a table based on personal interaction and inclusiveness for many people
 who were never included into mainstream, it’s hard to see this and
 think it comes from those same roots.
 I look at this and I realize it’s no wonder we have a hard time
 finding women who know the history of D&D, or that only 15% of the
 people to like our page are women, or that most people think that
 geeks are mostly men and all virgins.

I guess penny arcade’s Internet f*#kwad theory sums it up.

This is not to say that I was blind to this problem, but I find it surprising. 
I fact that Anita raised 2648% of her initial goal makes me feel like most people agree with me. What do you think? Any women readers out there have these experiences? Any men been witness? I’m curious.

– Anthony