Anthony Savini
5th Level Director/7th Level Director of Photography

anthonySince he was a boy living on Long Island Anthony Savini has been telling stories through film and photography. He made his first film, Jack in the Dungeon, with his friends at the age of ten. It was a huge success within his home and many others within bicycle distance. After pursuing engineering and a degree in fashion photography, he joined the independent film community in NYC. Now, Anthony is an award-winning cinematographer who has worked with top documentarians including Ken Burns, Ric Burns and Bill Guttentag. He has shot documentaries and narrative films around the world, and his work has been seen theatrically and on NBC, PBS, History Channel, Discovery, TLC, Bravo, BBC1 among others.

His second film, Mole, was co-directed with Rich Mauro, played at multiple festivals and won several awards including “Best Horror Film” at The Los Angeles Film Festival. Recently a talk show he created, Meet the Artist was nominated for a New York Emmy.

His recent films as a director of photography include Bad Parents, staring Janeane Garofalo; Salinger; the definitive look inside JD Salinger’s life; Central Park 5, Ken Burns’ riveting look at the Central Park jogger case of the 1980s; Woody Allen: A Documentary; and the upcoming The Search for Israeli Cuisine for PBS.



Cecily Tyler
7th Level Producer/ 5th Level Creative Director/1st Level Gamer

Cecily1An award-winning producer in TV, film, and multi-media from New York City, Cecily Tyler has been working in the field of communication for the past 20 years. Cecily has taught, produced, and directed in the fields of documentary, independent filmmaking, theater and animation design.

Cecily has experience in documentary, television, educational, independent narrative, and multi-media gaming. She has worked with the Discovery network; the award-winning NBC News educational website, “NBC News Learn;” New York Times Television; BBC NYC; Brown Alpert Medical School; 50 Lessons, and multiple independent productions. In 2010 the Department of Labor funded a 4-year “Teach the Teachers” initiative that she developed for YouthBuild USA. It looks at gang-transition, post-program placement, sustainability and other pertinent topics for the youth in the YouthBuild USA community.

Ms. Tyler has also worked with not-for profits including the Nantucket Film Festival and currently serves as a board member and gala co-chair at the Handel & Haydn Society. She also serves at the Institute of Boston Contemporary Art in their Director’s Circle and as a film program mentor in the ICATEENS FastForward program.  In 2006 she created Docutribe Inc, an organization that seeks to celebrate the arts through filmmaking.

Somewhat a novice in D&D role-playing… ok, she played D&D for, like, a week in college…. Cecily seeks to help make the story of this film accessible to folks like her. She plans to be the newbie asking way too many questions at your next table-top game.



Matt Shoemaker
6th Level Director of Archives/4th Level Historian

ShoemakerwebLooking back to a time well before the Internet you would find Matt Shoemaker having his players search through the lands for dusty tomes and information to advance their quests in his D&D red box campaigns held at his childhood home in Wisconsin.  This theme of attempting to get players to help their characters by learning more about the world they played in followed Matt through a career in information technology, which eventually lead to him helping people learn about their real surroundings through libraries and archives.

After a few archives positions in Wisconsin, Mr. Shoemaker headed east for work at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. There he assisted researchers and documentarists locate material for works such asPhiladelphia: The Great Experiment.  His main charge at HSP was managing the implementation and development of the Digital Center for Americana; a unit focused on making historical materials available and discoverable online. He has also been at work creating methodologies for teachers to insert archival materials into published board games for use in history education.

Currently, when he isn’t trying to locate photographs or scraps of gaming notes from the early days of D&D, Mr. Shoemaker is working with scholars and students at Temple University in the humanities and media studies for incorporating computational methods of research to their digital humanities projects.  Outside of Temple he spends time working with organizations such as PhillyDH and the Chemical Heritage Foundation for digital history needs.