Status Update

Lots happening these days leading up to our first post-Kickstarter shoot.  I was in NY last week, busy with the logistics of the Doc with Andrew and Anthony.  Our goal for the remainder of the year is to schedule and shoot several key interviews for the project.  First, going to sunny La Jolla, CA to interview Mr. Jon Peterson, then we’ll travel to Omaha, NE to interview Mr. Paul...
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Tropes and Women

After canceling our Omaha trip because of health issues, my voice barely back from being sick and lots to talk about, I find that there is only one topic I want to share because it has really made an impression. While doing research about Kickstarter this past summer, I found
 myself wandering around the site to see what was happening and who was 
doing what. That’s when I came across...
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Weathering Hurricanes

The last week has been so busy with other work that Sandy has been a great way to get things done on DND. I have no reason to go outside so I’m here in Brooklyn, with some good food, some tea and Lee Morgan playing in the background working on questions for a series of WOTC interviews we hope to do. Well, I do have a reason to go outside but it’s not a good one. Since Hurricane Gloria...
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The Production Dungeon

One of the most surprising things about making a film is that you spend more time talking about the film than actually making it. Yesterday was a perfect example. We had three meetings that covered everything from congratulations from people we haven’t seen since Kickstarter and how to spend our money wisely to RAND Corp and possible interview subjects. I also was interviewed for a magazine...
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So…. I guess we’re making a movie.

Kickstarter is aptly named. I think Andrew, James and I had a true desire to make this film before, but since kickstarter my desire has turned into a strong drive to make this film. Maybe it’s the fact that almost 3700 people believed in the project enough to back us, or maybe it’s because we now have the means to start the film, so it has become a reality. I’m not sure what it...
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Okay, So Now What?

  We know what you’re all thinking, “it’s been almost 3 weeks since you’ve been funded, why isn’t the movie finished?” A fair question. You’ll be happy to know that we have scheduled our first set of interviews with a pair of bona-fide D&D historians, Paul Stormberg and Jon Peterson. Jon, as some of you may already know through one of our...
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