The thing I find most exciting when I tell people we are making a documentary about D&D is not their initial reactions, which fall into categories of being way-too-excited to quiet laughs of derision, but that when told the story, people invariably become interested and want to know more. This confirms that we have a story that wants and needs to be told.

I knew very little about the history of D&D when we first started. I played when I was a kid and we weren’t sticklers for the rules. We had the books, but they were just as good to eat snacks off of, as they were to read.

As we began to do our research on Gary, Dave, TSR, et al, and talked with people who knew the history, we got a glimpse at just how fascinating their story truly is. The way you have to imagine it is to take the story of Facebook, add the Hatfields & the McCoys, throw in some VH1’s Behind the Music and then make sure everyone has forgotten what really happened.  It’s a complex, multifaceted story that keeps unfolding the longer we work on this film. I get excited thinking about it.

We hope that by the time we release this film, it will show the impact of the game in the most compelling way possible.

The one regret is that we didn’t start before Gary and Dave passed away. They have left behind a legacy that I think they themselves have never envisioned fully. They will be missed.


– Anthony